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RE Amemiya GT-AD kit-ⅡRX-7 FD3S D0-022030-200

No. Part name Part number
1 D0-022030-200 FD3S GT-AD KIT-Ⅱ D0-022030-200
2 D0-022030-197 FD3S SIDE STEP GENERATOR CF for GT KIT D0-022030-197
3 D0-022030-176 FD3S AD HOOD 9 F.R.P. D0-022030-176
4 D0-022030-191 FD3S FACER N-1 (05MODEL) D0-022030-191
5 D0-022830-055 FD3S SLEEK Lights kit (H11 TYPE) D0-022830-055
6 D0-022030-159 FD3S UNDER SWEEP Carbon D0-022030-159
7 D0-022530-122 FD3S CANARD-PRO for UNDER SWEEP (F.R.P) D0-022530-122
8 D0-022030-204 FD3S AD HOOD 9 DUCT GARNE CARBON D0-022030-204
9 D0-022030-184 FD3S F,FENDIFFUSER CF for GT-AD KIT D0-022030-184
10 Craft Square Touring Competition Mirror TCA-F for  TCA-F
11 Ready Go Next CTA(circuit time attack) canard Make of wet carbon  
12 Ready Go Next CTA(circuit time attack) duct Make of wet carbon  
13 Car Shop Glow original Rear Duck tail RX7 FD3S Make of wet carbon  
14 Car Shop Glow RX7 FD3S original LED Front Combination Lamps Ver.2(type5-6/00-03y)  

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