McLaren MP4-12C  Engine Bay Hatch opening failure work around.

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McLaren MP4-12C Engine Bay Hatch opening failure work around.

If your experiencing trouble with this fault here is a work around that gets the hatch to pop open again.

Firstly I would like to thank the guide I found on the internet - sorry author unknown but it showed me how it can be done.

1. Make sure your battery is fully charged

2. Power up the car - there is no need to start it.

3. Open Driver & Passenger doors and leave them up.

4. Open the front luggage compartment , empty the trunk and then remove the trunk liner exposing the battery and main fuse box. Or alternatively use the fuse box behind the drivers seat ( Left hand side ).

Main fuse Box:

Auxillary Fuse Box:


5. With power still on pull the Red 50 Amp main fuse from main fuse box


5.1 Or : Pull the Red 10 amp fuse middle bottom row ( Was described as door fuse but never said which one ) from the fuse box behind drivers seat.


6. I read to wait 15 seconds before inserting the fuse back in but I actually waited around 10 minutes. I inserted the 50 Amp main fuse ( 10 Amp door ) with power still on , you should do the same at your own risk.

7. Locate the door latches on the piller and starting with the drivers side:

8. Using a screwdriver or similar tool put the latch into a lock position by pushing it through just like the door does.

9. Now use the button on the door to open the latch again.Repeat step 8. Do this another four times making a total of five closing and opening sequences.

10. Repeat the same sequence for the passenger door.

11. On drivers door card , press the engine bay hatch release button.

12. It now pops open with ease. It was needing a good wash !!




Side Notes:

I never tried the 10 Amp fuse.

Original guide said to open close the doors themselves but I dont see the point.

The internal fuse box ( assuming it works also ) coupled with my latch guide is the simplest and quickest way to do it.


It is not recommended to remove fuses or any electrical coupling while the system is live ( switched on ) . This is an emergency procedure only and taken under your own responsibility.



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