BULK Front windscreen / windsheild MITSUBISHI

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Here is a list of windscreens we have supplied , if you don't see what you need contact us with your requirements.

Shipping by 20 or 40Ft container depending on quantity.

PAJERO V24, V44, V26, V46 MR749156 390220000
MINICAB U41T/U42T MR760803 390229000
MINICAB U61T/U62T 6102A054 390232000
PAJERO IO H61W, H62W, H66W, H67, H71, H72W, H76W, H77W  (98-07) MR447991 390233000
DELICA L300 P25W/P35W MODELS MR437902 390235000
DELICA L400 PE8W, PD6W, PF8W..... MR764205 390236000
LANCER EVOLUTION CN9A, CP9A MR415454 > MR191560 390238000
PAJERO V63W, V65W, V68W, V73W, V75W,  V77W, V78W (99-02) MR557312 390246000
DELICA L400 PE8W, PD6W, PF8W..... MR764206 390636003
LANCER EVOLUTION CT9A MR557318 390259000-13
LEGNUM, GALANT (96-05) MR192658